Grandpa’s Bible – A True Story

Just about five years ago, Dr. Floyd Perkins, Nazarene Missionary and Bible College Professor, passed away. Dr. Perkins affected my life when he was my guide and host on a trip to Mozambique, 40 years ago. The story comes from one of his granddaughters.

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The Living Spirit of the Living God

God brings moments of inner healing to your life, moments that almost pass by unless we see them and give God the praise. Here are three examples:

You hurt because of what someone said or didn’t say…

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It was Cold! (A Story for Summer’s End) A True Story

As we reach the end of summer and officially move into fall in just a few days, I wanted to share one more story of summer. The story took place 45 years ago, and, yes, it really happened!

It was early June. We were the first group that summer. A week of camping on the shores of Spirit Lake would be the high point of the season for this little troop of Boy Scouts. Our planning began the previous fall. Each weekly meeting increased our anticipation. The first Friday in June was the last day of school. Two days later, on Sunday afternoon, we were setting up tents, inflating mattresses, and envisioning the adventures before us. It was a boy’s dreams come true.

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YOU, A Spiritual Leader? YES!

Spiritual leadership! This is a different kind of leadership, and it includes YOU. We have leaders in all segments of our world: politics, the military, education, business, business, social services, the church, etc. Now, all this “leadership” is good and I have consulted and taught leaders in all these areas. But, this is not the kind of leadership I am speaking of in this blog.

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A Godly Person

Being a Godly person. That’s a challenge. Sometimes I feel like I’m not very good at it. That’s when I have to remember that I’m not the one who makes me “a Godly person.” Jesus does the work in me; it is my challenge to cooperate with what He is doing.

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A Living Reminder of Jesus

A week ago, the school where I teach (Trevecca Nazarene University) celebrated the opening dinner of the school year. And, it happened to me again. An individual hurried up to meet me and in great overtures, complemented my on my exceptional skills at the piano. I quickly explained that I don’t play the piano. However, the gentleman continued thanking me for sharing my musical gift. It took two more explanations before he realized that I am not the person he thought I was. When he finally realizes the mistake, we both laughed as he explained, “You look just like him.”

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She Sold Her Possessions and Moved; that’s Faith!

We use the word faith is two very different ways. First, there is “the Faith,” meaning accepting the doctrines and beliefs of the church. There are a few places in the Bible where faith is used in this way, but not many. Second, there is “faith that trusts,” meaning faith that results in action, putting your trust in God. This is the meaning of faith in most of the Bible.

Let me give you a human example of faith as a verb: May 2012, my wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.* It was more than a decade ago, I asked Shirley to marry me. I shared my heart with her, “you are the one I love, and I want us to build a life together.”

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Stay Focused

  It is hard to focus when surrounded with distractions.  Imagine the driver who is balancing a morning coffee, holding his cell phone, dictating a…

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Obedience. Really?

Yet, Christians are called to obey. Charles Stanley said it well, “The bottom line in the Christian life is obedience and most people don’t even like the word.” How are we to think of obedience? What is obedience, really?

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