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My Soul Purpose also has a workbook with a group study guide and personal journal:

The book explains the inner life in Christ in plain language.  The purpose of the soul is to cooperate with God in bringing your true and best in Christ to life every day.  The book has three parts,

  1. Soul Purpose,
  2. Soul Crisis, and
  3. Soul Journey

The workbook is for personal and group study.

  1. You will find a Personal Journal that will guide your reading, reflecting, and praying as you work through the book.  Flip the workbook over and
  2. You find a guide for Spiritual Conversations for small groups and Sunday School classes.

Below is an unsolicited letter from a My Soul Purpose group leader; David graciously gave permission to share his letter.

Dr. Parrott:

We are heading into our initial discussion of chapter 7 (Lost Soul) at our next meeting.  There has been more conversation and discussion around the lessons in My Soul Purpose than anything we have ever done in our 6 years as a group.

Our original goal was a chapter per meeting but we aren’t even getting that done, because something in each chapter gets talked about and then talked about some more with the effect of taking multiple meetings to get through each chapter…which is a good thing, as people are being open and sharing things from their day to day lives at a level we have not done before (and we have always been pretty open).

This next meeting ought to be a doozy as the material is really challenging us.  God is using what He inspired you to write in a very positive way. Hope you, Shirley, and family are doing well. I miss you, think of you all, and pray for you often.

–David Lovejoy, Lexington, KY

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