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“Everyone should take a soulful journey with Richard Parrott. He has written a timely book that will open the door for anyone who wants an authentic spiritual relationship with Christ. Readers will be energized and encouraged to listen for the voice of God in everyday life. If you are spiritually tired and lacking in spiritual passion, this book will energize your spiritual life in Christ.”

–Stan TolerBestselling Author & Speaker, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“There is something compelling about this book. It is as if one is peeling an onion, one layer at a time. It is illuminating, revealing and at times unsettling.  This book will be uncomfortable for those hiding secrets.

One quote has stayed with me since reading the book. “When you don’t know what to do, choose health.”

Descriptions of the symptoms of soul sickness and dis-ease are “real” and “authentic”. One feels as if Richard Parrott has been spying on us when we thought no one was looking.

The book contains insights for mentoring, spiritual direction and discipling.  I can see it being used in small groups under strong spiritual leadership.

There are creative spiritual exercises included that are not just the ordinary ones we are all used to. Also, there is a strong emphasis on soul friends, persons who will make the journey with us without judging or condemning.

Quotes and illustrations are thought provoking, helpful and well chosen. The stories are carefully crafted and discreet while still being illuminating.

In my opinion, it is Richard Parrott’s best work yet.”

–Dr. Dee Freeborn, Professor Emeritus in Spiritual Formation

“My friend and colleague, Richard Parrott, has taken us to the core of the human experience. The typical book on the journey of soul is filled with happy platitudes and shallow thoughts.  In My Soul Purpose you will not find happiness divorced from reality. You will find the authentic, rooted in costly practices of prayer, honest reflection, and God-driven imagination.

This book focuses on what we can be responsible for – our personal journey. It is an inward look that empowers an outward walk. Small groups and classes will enjoy the journey together.”

–Dan Boone, President
Trevecca Nazarene University

“This is a book that will turn your life right-side up. We can become so wrapped up in doing our religion that we lose God’s real purpose in life. This book shows us how to be the authentic Christians God planned for us to be.  To follow the plan of your soul purpose will bring you into the flow of God’s perfect love. Dr Parrott gives us keys to move to real commitment.”

–Louie Bustle, World Missions Director
Church of the Nazarene

“In My Soul Purpose, Richard Parrott has delivered the essence of what it means to be authentically Christian.  Not only is the narrative deeply spiritual, it is extraordinarily practical; it not only emphasizes  the essential of living deeply in God, it also provides useful tools to energize faith, strengthen values, and develop one’s unique gifts in ways that serve others and bring honor to God.”

–Esther Swink, Ed.D., Dean, School of Education,
Trevecca Nazarene University

“Richard Parrott is thoughtful and constantly creative, probing and imaginative, challenging and helping in this skilled yet simple presentation of the goals of life and the gospel message.  My wife and I attended the pilot presentation of this material and watched men and women come alive.  This book is a must for the local pastor of our hour.”

–Gary Henecke
Senior Pastor, Nashville First Church of the Nazarene

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