God’s Epic Drama, in 6 ActsBLOG ENTRY

God’s Epic Drama, in 6 Acts

We do better to think of the Bible as a drama in which we are participants rather than a story where we only listen but never act. God’s drama has 6 acts

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Four Things the Spirit Does in YouBLOG ENTRY

Four Things the Spirit Does in You

This is what the Spirit does inside you.

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God’s Spirit Lives In YOUBLOG ENTRY

God’s Spirit Lives In YOU

The hallmark of an authentic believer is the inward presence of the Holy Spirit.

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Spirit and Flesh, Romans 8:5-8BLOG ENTRY

Spirit and Flesh, Romans 8:5-8

The difference between life “according to the flesh” (kata sarka) and “according to the Spirit” (kata pneuma) (

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The Gospel in Two Verses, Romans 8:3-4BLOG ENTRY

The Gospel in Two Verses, Romans 8:3-4

How did God accomplish our salvation when the Law of Moses failed? The Gospel is outlined in five movements in verses 3-4.

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The Gift of God’s Grace, Romans 8:1-4BLOG ENTRY

The Gift of God’s Grace, Romans 8:1-4

God’s gift of grace transforms us into the likeness of Christ.

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A Prayer: God Bless AmericaBLOG ENTRY

A Prayer: God Bless America

Let us all be grateful for a land so fair,
As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer:

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For Mother’s Day: The Rose of Sharon

10 years ago, Mother’s Day 2008, I wrote this short piece that was used as a call to worship.   Jesus, The Rose of Sharon Today is the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day: In the U.S., in 1908 Ana Jarvis, from Grafton, West Virginia, began a campaign to establish a

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Women in Leadership: Not a Pedestal but a Pulpit

BIBLE INSIGHTS in 500 words Women In Leadership: Not a Pedestal but a Pulpit. Richard Leslie Parrott In the mid-1800s, the church honored women in one of two ways.   Many churches honored women by placing them on a PEDESTAL. A woman’s place was at home, her task was to

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EASTER: He is Risen!

Christ cannot be confined to a grave! “God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him. in a grave” (Acts 2:24). He lives!

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