Love Actually is All AroundBLOG ENTRY

Love Actually is All Around

There is more, much more. The heart of love at Christmas is the gift of God in Jesus.

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In the Bleak Mid-WinterBLOG ENTRY

In the Bleak Mid-Winter

I find that this poem captures the meaning of Christmas, the birth of the Messiah, rather than the historical setting of the event.

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Truman’s Christmas LetterBLOG ENTRY

Truman’s Christmas Letter

We meet in the spirit of the first Christmas, when the midnight choir sang…”Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men…” President Truman, Christmas Eve, 1945

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CHRISTMAS: Bigger Than Imagined

Christmas Provides an Ending to a Tragic Story.

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God’s Epic Drama, in 6 ActsBLOG ENTRY

God’s Epic Drama, in 6 Acts

We do better to think of the Bible as a drama in which we are participants rather than a story where we only listen but never act. God’s drama has 6 acts

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Four Things the Spirit Does in YouBLOG ENTRY

Four Things the Spirit Does in You

This is what the Spirit does inside you.

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God’s Spirit Lives In YOUBLOG ENTRY

God’s Spirit Lives In YOU

The hallmark of an authentic believer is the inward presence of the Holy Spirit.

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Spirit and Flesh, Romans 8:5-8BLOG ENTRY

Spirit and Flesh, Romans 8:5-8

The difference between life “according to the flesh” (kata sarka) and “according to the Spirit” (kata pneuma) (

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The Gospel in Two Verses, Romans 8:3-4BLOG ENTRY

The Gospel in Two Verses, Romans 8:3-4

How did God accomplish our salvation when the Law of Moses failed? The Gospel is outlined in five movements in verses 3-4.

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The Gift of God’s Grace, Romans 8:1-4BLOG ENTRY

The Gift of God’s Grace, Romans 8:1-4

God’s gift of grace transforms us into the likeness of Christ.

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