To-Do or Not To-Do – Richard Leslie Parrott Ph.D.

When one thinks of Richard, the words that come to mind are: Well-read, articulate, extemporaneous, gentle, and passionate.

In talking one-on-one with him you’ll quickly discover his deep seated passion. His passion is helping others find their purpose in life. Their soul purpose. Uncorking that passion in front of an audience produces an internal “kaboom”. It’s pure chemistry when a very gifted, passionate public speaker interacts with an audience. Somehow, Richard doesn’t talk at you from the lectern but rather he engages you in a personal conversation. He can say more in 5 minutes than some do in an hour. Yes, he’s that good.

Someday, hopefully soon, TED or Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit will invite him to speak at their event. And when they do, all I want for Christmas, is a first row seat. Kaboom!

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