Will You RSVP God


In grace and peace,

You are invited to a fuller life

In Me and with Me.

This is what I want for you.

Jesus Christ

(Please RSVP)

Are you ready to respond to the invitation?  How does one RSVP God’s invitation to greater life in him?  Let me share with you three statements.  Each contains a clue, a door, and a way to respond with faith and obedience:

The first statement comes from an ancient church father who loved Jesus from the beginning to the end of his life.  He became a martyr at the hands of cruel persecutors.  His statement:

The glory of God is a human being full of life.

To respond to God’s invitation, you must desire life, his life in you.  What is his life like?  Look to Jesus.

The second statement comes from Howard Thurman, an early civil right visionary.  He shared a motto with his students:

“Don’t do what the world needs you to do,

Find out what keeps you alive and do that,

Because what the world needs is you alive.”

To respond to God’s invitation, you must be willing to cooperate with God, to be his partner in creating life in you and through you.

The third statement is the most important of all, for it comes from the One who gives life, who is life, for us.  Jesus said (John 10:10):

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy,

But I have come that they might have life,

And have it to the full

Trust that his promise is good, that he is the one who gives life.  Partner with him, obey him, and follow him in doing all that keeps you alive in Christ.  His life is yours if you trust and obey.


Copyright © Richard Leslie Parrott, Ph.D.



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