Therefore, I Urge You

I hear the voice of a committed coach, a passionate teacher, a loving parent, or even a concerned “Dutch” uncle:

          Therefore, I urge you. . . (Romans 12:1),

I have mixed feelings about being “urged.”  The push for new resolve may be comforting, encouraging, or demanding.  However, the push is always a call to change, to change my actions or attitude.  It depends on the “therefore.”

“Therefore” makes the movement from thinking to action, from knowing to doing.  “Therefore” marks the “knowing/doing gap.”  Will I cross to the other side and fulfill a new resolve?  Or will I stumble into the gap, falling into excusing myself, blaming others, or simply ignoring my need to adjust my actions and outlook? 

— Lord, save me from plummeting into the gap between knowing what must be and a lack of will to pursue it. 

— Lord, let me hear Your voice in the “urge” to change, following only the plea that makes me more pleasing to You.

— Lord, open my heart to your urging, comforting, encouraging, and sometimes demanding call to be more like Jesus.

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