The Land of Beginning Again

Louise Fletcher Tarkington composed a poem for a new start:

So I wish that there were some wonderful place
Called the Land of Beginning Again,
Where all our mistakes and all our heartaches,
And all of our poor selfish grief
Could be dropped like a shabby old coat at the door
And never put on again.

This is a good day to be still and take inventory of the past. A lesson I have learned is an old one discovered by many other people: Don’t waste the pain. Most people have suffered because of some mistake, regret, or sin that has cost dearly. The larger mistake would be to ignore the lesson it could teach us.

Here is the good news: God forgives the mistake or sin! Here is the challenge: God wants you to learn the lesson of the mistake or sin. Here is how it works. God forgives, but often the regret hangs on until you learn the lesson. You must get in the ring and wrestle with your regret. Choke out the lesson you need to learn. Then, toss the regret out; God will give you the strength. And, begin again!

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