The Big Ask

It is a big ask, something that will take effort and create difficulty.  Yet, here it is:

  “. . .
offer your bodies as a living sacrifice” (Romans 12:1).

You ask for my time, money, energy, creativity, even heart and soul, and I understand. But when you ask for my “body,” and I’m stunned.  What do you mean?  To ask for my body “as a living sacrifice” is upsetting.   

However, we routinely ask certain groups of people for bodily sacrifice – law enforcement, soldiers, firefighters, and medical professionals. 

In addition, we sacrifice our own bodies.  Parents neglect sleep to care for children.  Entrepreneurs jeopardize their health for a business venture.  Pain and injury threaten athletes. 

You ask for my body as a “living sacrifice.” I must pray through on this:

— Lord, I will care for my body because it is your Temple.  Keep me mindful that Temple care is important, but not the top priority for those who worship in Spirit and in Truth. 

— Lord, I give my body as a “living sacrifice” for your cause.  Through the sacrifice of Jesus and his body, you make all things new. To bring newness to me, I willingly become a “living sacrifice.”

— Lord, to my delight, sacrifice brings life!  I am a “living sacrifice.”  The price of surrender fades in the shadow of so great a reward: I am alive in Christ.

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