A Living Reminder of Jesus

A week ago, the school where I teach (Trevecca Nazarene University) celebrated the opening dinner of the school year. And, it happened to me again. An individual hurried up to meet me and in great overtures, complemented my on my exceptional skills at the piano. I quickly explained that I don’t play the piano. However, the gentleman continued thanking me for sharing my musical gift. It took two more explanations before he realized that I am not the person he thought I was. When he finally realizes the mistake, we both laughed as he explained, “You look just like him.”

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Remember Your First Love*

It is not easy to admit, but in the stress of life, we get distracted, spiritually distracted from the “first love,” our love for Jesus Christ. Let me outline four times and ways we are distracted and need to remember our first love:

#1 QUESTION: When do I need Spiritual Restoration?
ANSWER: When your heart is dead, and you are going through the motions.

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Pathways With Jesus

Jesus declared, “I am the way… no one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). There is but One Way, yet, within that way is a path that connects especially with the way God created you.

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Priority #1

  Take a moment and read a familiar story from Scripture in a fresh translation, The Voice, Luke 10:38-41: 38 Jesus continued from there toward Jerusalem and came…

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Obedience. Really?

Yet, Christians are called to obey. Charles Stanley said it well, “The bottom line in the Christian life is obedience and most people don’t even like the word.” How are we to think of obedience? What is obedience, really?

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Partners With God

  The Christian life is not a passive endeavor, but requires work, your work and God’s work.  Read this verse carefully:   Work out your…

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Growing in Christ: Spiritual Discipline

My wife’s cousin, *Bruce Jeffcoach, is a high school chemistry teacher in San Joachim valley in California. On the walls of his classroom along with the Periodic Table, a chart of measures, and appropriate posters, is a sign over the middle of the board in the front of the room. You can’t miss it. John Wooden, the UCLA coach said, “discipline yourself, so others don’t have to.” Bruce writes, “I simply get my students attention with a quite pssst sound and point to the quote above my whiteboard. I hope that helps to put all in order.”

To grow in Christ requires Spiritual Discipline.

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Career Change: Moving Up, Moving On, Moving Out (Part 3)

Our understanding of the psychology of transition was born in studies of bereavement, especially the work of Kubler-Ross[1], first published in 1969. People going through workplace transition experience the five stages of grief. The stages are 1-denial, 2-anger, 3-bargaining, 4-depression, 5-acceptance. The psychology of grief was then applied to the Peace Corp to help deal with culture shock.[2] The worksheets are still in use today. Indeed, for people going through transition in the work place, it feels like culture shock, which is also described in stages.[3] Within a decade the application was made to career transitions.[4]

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What God Wants – FOR – Me?

  Honestly, you would have misread the title of this blog if I hadn’t set aside the key word, FOR. You are more accustomed to…

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God’s Glory; the Devil’s Lie

  Consider this thought from a wonderful Christian in the early days of the Church, Irenaeus (130-202 AD):  “The glory of God is a human…

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