What is God’s Righteousness?BLOG ENTRY

What is God’s Righteousness?

Jesus understands that God’s plan is to restore creation to its original design. It will take a “greater righteousness” to fulfill God’s purpose. “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

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Walk With Jesus; a Guide for Easter WeekendBLOG ENTRY

Walk With Jesus; a Guide for Easter Weekend

Walk with Jesus through 60 hours of transformation. For each day of Easter Weekend – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you will find a) a summary of the events of each day, b) the Scripture readings from that follow the events of the day, and c) a prayer for a heart to follow.

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The resurrection of Lazarus is validation of the confidence of Jesus in the plan of God to raise Jesus from the dead.

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Jesus Breaks Down and CriesBLOG ENTRY

Jesus Breaks Down and Cries

We are looking not just a flesh and blood human being but the Word of God Incarnate. God weeps with the world’s tears.

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God’s Tomorrow Is Here Today!BLOG ENTRY

God’s Tomorrow Is Here Today!

God’s future is now in the present. The New Life and Resurrection that are scheduled for the end of time are standing before her in Jesus.

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Why Doesn’t Jesus Do Something?BLOG ENTRY

Why Doesn’t Jesus Do Something?

Thomas demonstrates faith as allegiance to Jesus. For Christians, allegiance is loyalty to the Kingdom of God and King Jesus!

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Jesus: God’s Promise and PlanBLOG ENTRY

Jesus: God’s Promise and Plan

God has set the world right again. God has fulfilled his promises to Israel. But more, God has initiated his plan to include the whole world

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Living Water: Speak of Heaven!BLOG ENTRY

Living Water: Speak of Heaven!

We will not understand the fullness of Jesus with an “earthly mind.” We need the “living water” from God’s heaven to open our “spiritual heart.”

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Jesus: The Gift of GodBLOG ENTRY

Jesus: The Gift of God

Jesus approaches the woman with tenderness and compassion. His behavior was outside the bounds of appropriateness.

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Jesus is the BridegroomBLOG ENTRY

Jesus is the Bridegroom

The bride is not pure, but broken and rejected. Jesus does not come to us because we are worthy; he comes for us in love.

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