Backs Against the WallBLOG ENTRY

Backs Against the Wall

  Howard Thurman’s classic book, Jesus and the Disinherited, opens with this startling statement: Many and varied are the interpretations of the teaching and life of Jesus of Nazareth.  But few of these interpretations deal with what the teachings and life of Jesus have to say to those who stand,

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The Years TeachBLOG ENTRY

The Years Teach

  I remember my first interview for a full time position as a Senior Pastor.  (And, I became the pastor of the church.)  The small church was located in Corvallis, Oregon, a university town.  I was 24 years old and the pastor I was to follow was in his 70s. 

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I Met Jesus At The Football GameBLOG ENTRY

I Met Jesus At The Football Game

  Annette Harber is a member of the School of Education at Trevecca Nazarene University.  She works as an assisstant librarian.  Recently, she shared a moving and personal story with the faculty of the School of Education.  With Annette’s permission, the story is here for you: I Met Jesus at

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A Prayer for Our PastorsBLOG ENTRY

A Prayer for Our Pastors

In October, 2010, the pastor appreciation committee of our board asked me to pray for our pastoral staff on Appreciation Sunday.  The request took my breath away.  How to pray?  What to pray?  For the next several weeks I sat in my pew searching the faces of the people across

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Daily Bread in This Economy?BLOG ENTRY

Daily Bread in This Economy?

  Lord, thank you for including “daily bread” in your prayer, the prayer you taught us.  I need to pray about daily needs and obligations.  It is the temporal, the nagging, the worrisome, and the persistency of these daily challenges that, at times, and more times than I care to

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Christian Care: “Is there a place for me?”BLOG ENTRY

Christian Care: “Is there a place for me?”

  I remember being a freshman in college; the uncertainties, the new faces and places, the desire to belong.  I particularly remember that first trip through the cafeteria line, loading my plate with more than enough food.  When I reached the end of the line, I stepped out into the

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The Measure of Soul SuccessBLOG ENTRY

The Measure of Soul Success

Click here to purchase the book (An Excerpt From Dr. Parrott’s book, My Soul Purpose) Authenticity is the measure of soul success.  There are no compromises or half-hearted measures.  The soul calls you to be the author of an authentic life, your life in God.  Confront the truth about yourself,

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At Home With JesusBLOG ENTRY

At Home With Jesus

  In three verses at the beginning of John 12 is a picture for all of us.  It is a picture of being at home with Jesus. Six days before the Passover, Jesus arrived at Bethany, where Lazarus lived, whom Jesus had raised from the dead.  Here a dinner was

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Overcome the Disappointment of MinistryBLOG ENTRY

Overcome the Disappointment of Ministry

Here is the temptation for all ministers: We listen so intently to … the inner voice of the church, the angry voice of parishioners, the painful voice of hurting people, the empty voice of bureaucracy, the distant voice of uncertainties, the unheard voice of unrecognized people… We listen so intently

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