What Were You Thinking?     Richard Leslie Parrott, Ph.D.BLOG ENTRY

What Were You Thinking? Richard Leslie Parrott, Ph.D.

You have listened to one side of a conversation and wondered, “Where did that come from?”  I remember hearing one side of a cell phone exchange that went something like this, “You cannot be right… (silence)… If that is true, I won’t be involved… (silence)… that’s enough; I quit.” I

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A Christmas Tree Story – By Richard Leslie ParrottBLOG ENTRY

A Christmas Tree Story – By Richard Leslie Parrott

Many years ago I was at a gathering of a small group of friends who were sharing a quiet Christmas celebration. We were in a sentimental mood and openly shared favorite Christmas memories.  A friend of mine, Hugh Schmelzenbach, shared his memory, which I have never forgotten. The Story of Three

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My Soul Purpose – Recommended Reading on Church of the Nazarene websitesBLOG ENTRY

My Soul Purpose – Recommended Reading on Church of the Nazarene websites

We are blessed that My Soul Purpose is featured on the following three, Church of the Nazarene, websites.  Each site has a featured article on the book.  The book and workbook have been a labor of suffering and compassion.  My goal in writing the book was to give practical guidance

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God is in the ResponseBLOG ENTRY

God is in the Response

  We pray for those suffering from the storms in the midwest.  This week our church sent a team to Alabama to help with clean-up, to Haiti to help with rebuilding, and our prayers are with the people of the midwest. Across from our church, where a tornado destroyed Nashville

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Pastoring: the Job is Tougher than You ThinkBLOG ENTRY

Pastoring: the Job is Tougher than You Think

Years ago I heard Bill Hybels speak on Robert Schuller’s “Hour of Power.”  The occasion was the Sunday Morning service at the end of a pastor’s conference.  Pastor Hybel’s words rang true then and now for ALL ministry leaders. Bill Hybels on “Leading a Church” I believe that the church

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The Power of Small Groups and Our Life in ChristBLOG ENTRY

The Power of Small Groups and Our Life in Christ

This week I am in Atlanta, GA., teaching a class in spiritual formation for the Salvation Army.  Part of the class is learning the power and purpose of small groups in forming our lives in Christ.  Today I read a historically accurate but imaginary description of a class meeting (small

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My Easter FaithBLOG ENTRY

My Easter Faith

Easter is a moment to remember where we stand.  I will tell you the foundation of my faith.  My faith firmly stands on two feet: Christ died for me. Christ lives in me. Keep it simple.  Don’t complicate it.  The whole of the Christian faith is this:  Christ died and

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Yet, I Believe!BLOG ENTRY

Yet, I Believe!

  Maundy Thursday celebrates the Last Supper of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  We remember the event with Messianic Passover meals, with beautiful music, and an image of DiVinci’s painting, circled with a halo.  However, in contrast to these images, the event was encompassed with intrigue, betrayal, hidden agendas, and power-grabs.

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A Tribute to Lora Lee ParrottBLOG ENTRY

A Tribute to Lora Lee Parrott

    For Lora Lee Parrott – From A. Leslie Parrott Several months before my father, A. Leslie Parrott, passed away, he sent me a tribute he had written to my mother, Lora Lee Parrott.  Dad had written the tribute many years earlier (1991).  He wanted me to share his

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When the Pressure is on, what Matters?BLOG ENTRY

When the Pressure is on, what Matters?

  Businesses and churches share a common mantra today: “do more with less!” Our value to the organization, quakes and trembles in a trinity of demands: 1-relationships, 2-achievement, and 3-power.  Let me spell these out in a little more detail: Relationships:  Are you pleasing the right people?  Is there someone

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