How is Your Soul?BLOG ENTRY

How is Your Soul?

Dr. Parrott reflects on a fresh way to look at the inner workings of the soul that a dear friend, Dr. Jerry Flora, introduced him to several years ago. How is your soul?  How do you respond to your soul? How do you nurture your soul? All of these are

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Autobiography In 5 Short ChaptersBLOG ENTRY

Autobiography In 5 Short Chapters

In our hectic world, we forget to make things simple. Sometimes short stories are a practical approach to simplify the complicated things in life. Here is a short story that Dr Parrott shares with us that a friend sent him that will brighten your day.         [Click

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The Board RoomBLOG ENTRY

The Board Room

An amusing story that Dr. Parrott shares with us about a leadership seminar he conducted in Ohio. As Dr. Parrott was moving forward with his teachings, he asked the group a simple question. You will love the answer.               [Click Here to Listen]

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Foundations of FaithBLOG ENTRY

Foundations of Faith

In this new audio series Dr. Parrott covers the Foundations of Faith. It doesn’t matter if you are a mature christian or just starting out your walk with Christ, this series gives you a firm foundation that will help you grow in faith.     Chapter 1 “Tell Me About God”

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He is Risen, Indeed!  In this four-part audio series, you will be inspired and encouraged as you see in a fresh way how the Resurrection of Christ fulfills the story of the Bible.  Paul writes, “he was raised on the third day, according to the Scriptures” (I Corinthians 15:3-4).  You

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“The Invitation”BLOG ENTRY

“The Invitation”

I invite you to listen to this excerpt from a marriage seminar that Dr. Richard and Shirley Parrott lead in April 2012. As you listen you can just feel the love for each other by this wonderful Christian couple. The Parrott’s just celebrated their 10th anniversary and are an inspiration

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“I Want A Home”

A story from the heart!   Dr. Richard Parrott shares a personal experience told in a way that only he can do. He opens his heart and soul with a message that will touch us all. A true Soul Purpose.                     

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“Our Miracle Story”BLOG ENTRY

“Our Miracle Story”

 Richard and Shirley Parrott just celebrated their 10th Anniversary.  “Our Story” is a miracle.  Two years into their new marriage, a Christian production company made a short movie of the Parrott’s amazing story.  This audio file is the sound track of the movie.  We hope God blesses you as you

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“They Watched My Husband”BLOG ENTRY

“They Watched My Husband”

Dr. Parrott is a gifted story teller and this is one of his favorite stories about a mission trip to Peru. Just close your eyes as you listen to this wonderful adventure and you’ll feel like you are in the jungles of Peru with Dr. Parrott. We  pray that it

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“The Way to the Cross” An Audio Series from Dr. Richard ParrottBLOG ENTRY

“The Way to the Cross” An Audio Series from Dr. Richard Parrott

In this series, you will think your way back into the world of Jesus and the disciples with new understanding of the message and purpose of Jesus Christ.  This series of live presentations was recorded in Dr. Parrott’s Bible Class in February and March, 2012. This Audio Collection is also

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