Love and Lemon, a Story of ChildrenBLOG ENTRY

Love and Lemon, a Story of Children

Children naturally open up to love.  They know how to receive love, practical love, from the moment of birth.  You witness the openness of an infant in the way babies open their mouths to be fed.  Place your knuckle on the cheek of a baby, and the little one will

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Career Change: Moving Up, Moving On, Moving Out (Part 3)BLOG ENTRY

Career Change: Moving Up, Moving On, Moving Out (Part 3)

Our understanding of the psychology of transition was born in studies of bereavement, especially the work of Kubler-Ross[1], first published in 1969. People going through workplace transition experience the five stages of grief. The stages are 1-denial, 2-anger, 3-bargaining, 4-depression, 5-acceptance. The psychology of grief was then applied to the Peace Corp to help deal with culture shock.[2] The worksheets are still in use today. Indeed, for people going through transition in the work place, it feels like culture shock, which is also described in stages.[3] Within a decade the application was made to career transitions.[4]

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Career Change: Moving Up, Moving On, Moving Out (Part 2)BLOG ENTRY

Career Change: Moving Up, Moving On, Moving Out (Part 2)

The transition King Saul experienced is a case study in politics, complexity, and loss of control.  King Saul handled it badly.  How can you avoid the pitfalls of King Saul as you move up the ladder, on to your new position, our out to a new career or retirement?  Deal

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Career Change: Moving Up, Moving On, Moving Out (Part 1)BLOG ENTRY

Career Change: Moving Up, Moving On, Moving Out (Part 1)

Personnel changes come in three forms – moving up, moving on, and moving out. In the course of a career, most people are subjected to all three. Moving up results in a larger office and paycheck, but the political and personal challenges may be painful and demanding. Moving on to

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The Influence of a Leader Who LovesBLOG ENTRY

The Influence of a Leader Who Loves

  John Maxwell declares, “All leadership is influence.” Michael McKinney presses the thought, “Leadership is intentional influence.” A leader who gives in love is a leader who grows in influence. What gifts can a leader give? Here are three gifts of love a leader can bring to the team: The

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What God Wants – FOR – Me?BLOG ENTRY

What God Wants – FOR – Me?

  Honestly, you would have misread the title of this blog if I hadn’t set aside the key word, FOR. You are more accustomed to asking the question, “What does God want FROM me?” It is natural to ask the “from” question. It is the question we ask of each

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Who Am I? I Am a Follower of JesusBLOG ENTRY

Who Am I? I Am a Follower of Jesus

  Jesus knows who He is:  Bread of Life, Light of the World, Good Shepherd, Resurrection and the Life.  And, me? I am one who follows Jesus.   I follow the Bread of Life He takes me by the hand, and suddenly we are on a lakeside with thousands of

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Jesus left the upper room and made straight for the Garden of Gethsemane: The night air carried the odors and noises of overcrowded Jerusalem. The path through the Kidron Valley was a gruesome hike. Located just below the temple courts, the runoff of excess blood and refuse from Passover sacrifices

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God’s Glory; the Devil’s LieBLOG ENTRY

God’s Glory; the Devil’s Lie

  Consider this thought from a wonderful Christian in the early days of the Church, Irenaeus (130-202 AD):  “The glory of God is a human being fully alive.”  For many, this thought is a hurdle.  It is a challenge to believe that God is glorified when you experience full life. 

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The Love of a Husband and WifeBLOG ENTRY

The Love of a Husband and Wife

AUDIO LESSON:  Take a look at love in marriage as expressed in the Song of Solomon. [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN]

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