My Soul Purpose Book is Suggested for Adult Studies

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My Soul Purpose

Richard Leslie Parrott, Ph.D.

If you could ask God any question—and you knew you would receive a clear answer—what would you ask?

We can develop an authentic, meaningful, two-way relationship with God. Developing this relationship is a matter of spiritual attention and authenticity, recognizing your soul’s purpose, and paying attention to God’s voice.

Spiritual attention. We become distracted by all life heaps on us. There are worries, expectations, and demands. In the midst of these, we must pay spiritual attention since heart-focused attention is essential for spiritual life.

Spiritual authenticity. To hear God’s voice is a calling to be shaped into the image of Christ in a way that fits exactly God’s design for each person. The only way to relate to God is through you: your fears, your failures, and your falsehood, as well as your trust, your commitment, and you potential. God is transforming you from the inside out. When you really know God loves, you can face yourself and become open to the deep change God plans for your life. You can be real from the inside out.

The soul’s purpose. God created you to hear, trust, and follow His voice. Yet, the daily challenges of life make you a prisoner of worries, expectations, and demands that prevent you from finding a time and place for God. The soul’s purpose is to being your true and best in Christ to life every day. The soul tirelessly toils to make sense of life and find its meaning. The soul’s intention in this relentless labor is spiritual authenticity, to shape the true image of God’s best in you.

Pay attention. You must pay attention to what God is saying and doing in you. The essential and eternal you needs spiritual attention which is spiritual awareness, nurture, determination, and power. These are gifts of God’s lavish and attentive love in your soul. It is the activity of His Spirit within you. This is God’s work to lift you into his presence and to share you in his image.

To learn more about your soul’s purpose and to order your copy of My Soul Purpose and the accompanying journal, visit Dr. Parrott’s web site.

Dr. Richard Leslie Parrott is a Professor at Trevecca Nazarene University. He is known for his love and knowledge of scripture, practical application of spiritual truth, and transformational teaching and preaching.

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