My Christmas Questions

My Christmas QuestionsIn the month of December, I find myself asking three questions about the meaning and message of Christmas.  Let me share my questions and where I am in the search for answers:

1-How do we enter the world of Bethlehem?

  • The Problem: We drag Christmas into our world rather than enter the world of Bethlehem. 
  • The Solution: We must humble ourselves and enter the world and wonder of the unexpected.

2-How do we embrace the scandal of God becoming a baby?

  • The Problem:  We make Christmas sentimental rather than embrace the scandal of it.
  • The Solution: We must leave our comfort and seek the outrageous presence of God.

3-How do we engage in God’s plan to save the world?

  • The Problem: We make Christmas so personal we lose sight of God’s grand plan to save the world.
  • The Solution: We must look at the Christmas event through the eyes of Heaven to our part in God’s plan. 

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