Listen for the Voice of God

Flock of sheep, New Zealand, Pacific

We know how to listen for our name when we are in the waiting room, how to listen for our children on a crowded playground, or how to listen for bump in the night that indicated danger.  Yet, how do we listen for God?  Jesus described it this way:

“The sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.  When he has brought all of his own sheep out, he goes on ahead of them.  His sheep follow him because they know his voice” (John 10:3-4)

OneListen for the Promise – His sheep listen for His voice.  The knowledge of God is deeply connected to knowledge of yourself.  As you listen for his voice you develop a clearer image of who you are in Christ Jesus and what Jesus wants for you.  The promise is who Christ is and who you are in Christ, your true and best in him.  Listening for his promise will sharpen your spiritual listening skills and refine your personal Christ given vision of who you are in Jesus and what Jesus wants for you.

TwoFollow the PromiseHis sheep also follow him.  You have a unique spiritual style sets you on a path toward a fuller life in Christ.  You know that you are unique physically even through you have the same need for shelter, food, sleep, etc. as all over human beings.  So it is that you are unique spiritually.  You need the provision of the Holy Spirit.  You need deep partnership with Christ.   How you engage in prayer, Bible study, discipleship, etc., is unique to you.  Look for what keeps you alive in Christ and do that.

Three.  Passion for the Shepherd The sheep know His voice.  Like hearing the voice of a loved one in an unexpected place, you recognize the silent voice of God within you. You can learn to recognize the voice of Jesus as your passion for Him continually deepens.


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