God Has a Plan

Facebook today: “The first rule of 2022 is to not dwell on what went wrong in 2021. God has a plan.”

How do you respond to “God has a plan?” Some hear a reprieve from duty, obligation, responsibility, and engagement.  “I don’t need to do anything, because God has a plan.” 

Alternatively, we hear a call to involvement, action, challenge, and obedience.  With few exceptions, God’s actions in the world involve a human partner.

A case in point: The Wise Men engaged God’s plan as they studied their books and stars, made a trek across the wilderness, confronted Herod’s deception, and continued their journey (Matthew 2:1-8).

And there is more: They found the child, presented gifts, worshiped Him, and “being warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they went home another way” (Matthew 2:9-12).

“God has a plan.” The gifts of the Wise Men, “the wealth of nations” (Isaiah 61:6) provided for the holy family’s escape to Egypt.

“God has a plan” is not an invitation to withdraw, but a call to partner with God.

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