Embrace 2022 With God’s Mercy

The year 2021 taught two lessons: “fear” and “cynicism,” imparted by a syllabus of visceral hostility, conspiracy theories, identity politics, cancel culture, and tribalism.

I choose to enter the New Year, 2022, with a new perspective. 

          “Therefore, in view of God’s mercy. . .” (Romans 12:1).

— Lord, I step into 2022 to search out Your kindness and mercy.  I will not allow my perspective to be blinded by the spiteful, cruel crowd that will embrace me if I agree with them. 

— Lord, I step into 2022 to follow Your path of compassion for all people, even my enemies. I will not travel the wide way of the maddening crowd’s sarcasm and rumor.

— Lord, I step into 2022 to give my body, mind, and soul to your purpose. I will not submit to the tempting embrace of comradery born of mutual fear and cynicism. 

I align my life “in view God’s mercy.” Some will count me as disloyal or naïve.  Nevertheless, I trust that your mercy will provide the wisdom and courage required to be like Jesus. 

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