Partners With God

  The Christian life is not a passive endeavor, but requires work, your work and God’s work.  Read this verse carefully:   Work out your…

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Growing in Christ: Spiritual Discipline

My wife’s cousin, *Bruce Jeffcoach, is a high school chemistry teacher in San Joachim valley in California. On the walls of his classroom along with the Periodic Table, a chart of measures, and appropriate posters, is a sign over the middle of the board in the front of the room. You can’t miss it. John Wooden, the UCLA coach said, “discipline yourself, so others don’t have to.” Bruce writes, “I simply get my students attention with a quite pssst sound and point to the quote above my whiteboard. I hope that helps to put all in order.”

To grow in Christ requires Spiritual Discipline.

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Growing in Christ: Spiritual Insight

  As a teacher and professor, I constantly watch the eyes of students, listen for the timbre of their voices, and consider the freshness in…

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Growing In Christ: Spiritual Empowerment

As a professor, it is tempting to forget the purpose of school. Well, the purpose of school is NOT school. It is life! It is tempting to think the purpose is turning in papers, reading texts, passing exams, and making the grade. Reality Check: None of that matters unless and only if those activities help you live true to your best each day.

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Growing In Christ: Spiritual Care

  For life to survive and thrive, certain elements are required such as light, air, water, and nutrition.  For spiritual life in Christ to survive…

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What’s In A Name?

 What’s In A Name? Years ago, I visited the Holy Land with a tour group. On one stop on the tour, north of Galilee, we…

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Even Greater Things

Jesus takes our breath away with these words, “He (you) will do even greater things than these, because I am going to my Father” (John…

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

  Mother is the first mirror in the life of a child.  When an infant looks into the face of mother, the baby learns “this…

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He’s Praying For You!

How do we hear God’s love for us? Let me give us a place to start – Jesus. I am utterly confident that Jesus knew the Father’s voice in prayer. In the chamber of His inner life, He listened to the words of our Father in Heaven. And, the Word of God assured Jesus that He was loved. Jesus knew the Father accepted Him as the beloved. Jesus knew the inner safety of God’s love, even in the face of the cross. The Father would deliver Him. Jesus knew that He was free to be exactly who God sent Him to be.

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