A Lovely Gift

I present my gift and wait for your response.  Are you delighted or disappointed? If this is true of my gift to you, imagine presenting my life to the Lord.  How will God respond?

“Offer your bodies. . . holy and pleasing to God” (Rom. 12:1, NIV).

Holy.”  My full, complete, and “with nothing held back” gift to God is my life.  I have nothing more to give.  I dedicate all to God.

How will God respond?  

Pleasing.” I am a lovely gift in God’s eyes.  God is delighted and joyful.  He smiles as he lifts my life into his heart.  I must praise you.

–Lord, I praise you because you know my life is all I have, and I give it all to you. You love me just as I am.

–Lord, I praise you because you envision what I will become in you.  I trust you to use me for your purpose.

–Lord, I praise you because my humble gift, my full self, comes at your initiative.  I see your mercies and willingly lay myself on your altar. 

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