The city and everything that is in it must be set apart to the Lord in a special way to be destroyed. But the prostitute Rahab and all those who are with her in her house must be spared. That’s because she hid the spies we sent. (Joshua 6:17) Even

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GIDEON (Judges 6-8)

Join Dr Parrott as he looks at the story of Gideon. What a wonderful tale. A Special Operations Force that was put together by God is the best way to describe Gideon and his three hundred soldiers. Dr Richard Parrott shares this marvelous story with his Sunday School Class from

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Pentecost: Heaven and Earth MeetBLOG ENTRY

Pentecost: Heaven and Earth Meet

Pentecost: Heaven and Earth Meet The Cross, The Resurrection, The Ascension, The Second Coming, Now Pentecost… We pray that Jesus will send the Holy Spirit into our lives so that Jesus himself is present with us and in us, directing us and empowering us to : 1) Bear witness to

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Jesus and His PeopleBLOG ENTRY

Jesus and His People

Ascension Sunday and Pentecost are powerful, powerful moments in the life of the church and the life of all Christians.  “Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is Done In Heaven.” Join Dr Richard Parrott as he leads us in John 17: 13-26  and Acts 1:1-11. Dr Parrott brings

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The Mystery of Jesus   (John 14:1-4)BLOG ENTRY

The Mystery of Jesus (John 14:1-4)

When we step into the upper room with Jesus as written in John 14 and he says; “Let not your hearts be troubled.” We have to ask, what did he say before that, that would have them leave in this important piece of information? New AUDIO LESSON It had been

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The Power of HateBLOG ENTRY

The Power of Hate

The Power of Hate AUDIO TRUE SHORT STORY Curtis was a friend of mine. He was one of my first Sunday School Superintendents, as a young Pastor. He was also a Hog Farmer. So not only was I Pastor to Curtis, I was his hired hand. Listen in as Dr

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To Do Nothing

To Do Nothing You interpret this story for yourself. I read some time ago of a High School Teacher of a Christian High School who was wanting to help students learn to sit silently. Just to reflect, on God’s wonderful love. Join Dr Richard Parrott as he brings this heartfelt story

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A Story in Search of an EndingBLOG ENTRY

A Story in Search of an Ending

A Story in Search of an Ending How is this going to work out? The entire Old Testament is A Story in Search of an Ending. Dr Richard Parrott takes a look at Psalm 42-43 and compares the contrast with Luke 24:13-32. You can choose the Ending to your Story

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EASTER: Christ is Risen!BLOG ENTRY

EASTER: Christ is Risen!

Let me picture a single room on two different occasions. The first picture:  it is an upper room in Jerusalem on the night after Jesus died.  A small group of men and women cower behind locked doors.  Fear permeates the atmosphere.  Look at their faces – dazed, bewildered, dejected, and

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HOLY WEEK, SATURDAY; Evil’s Last Stand

God is not defeated. Attempts to hold Jesus in the tomb were futile! Jesus lives! The power of God raised Jesus to life anew.

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