Get OFF the Ladder! Video Post of Sermon

You may be at the top of the ladder looking down; you may be at the bottom of the ladder trying to climb up . . . either way, GET OFF THE LADDER!!!!!

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Unfortunately, It’s Bad NewsBLOG ENTRY

Unfortunately, It’s Bad News

Rob Still is a wonderful friend and former neighbor of ours. He has a fabulous ministry of leading worship and singing and being a bright light to many. He has a wonderful blog at We ask God’s blessing and healing for this dear man of God. You will not want to miss this Blog! Click below and READ! IT IS POWERFUL.

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The Scandal of ChristmasBLOG ENTRY

The Scandal of Christmas

The scandalous nature of God becoming a human being slips beyond our grasp. We keep the event in the world, but just barely. Dare we truly think of God in human form?

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A Bible Study for Christmas SundayBLOG ENTRY

A Bible Study for Christmas Sunday

Pastors & Teachers:

Here is an idea for an interactive Bible Study you can use for Christmas Sunday. It is a Biblical Biography of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

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Hitchin’ a Ride to BethlehemBLOG ENTRY

Hitchin’ a Ride to Bethlehem

We drag Christmas into our world

rather than enter the world of Bethlehem.

Here is the Solution:

We must humble ourselves and

enter the world of the unexpected.

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God has a story. You have a story. When God’s story touches your story, the story of your life is transformed. That is the good news of Christmas. God entered into our world. His story can become your new life.

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A Neglected Christmas CarolBLOG ENTRY

A Neglected Christmas Carol

This year I have been humming and singing a Christmas carol that is often overlooked. Yet, it is a carol that expresses the magnitude and depth of God entering our world as a human being.

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A World at War / A Call to PeaceBLOG ENTRY

A World at War / A Call to Peace

Many believe we stand on the verge of World War III. Perhaps we need to remember that World War II ended 70 years ago. On Christmas Eve of that year, 1945, President Harry Truman addressed the nation. His vast understanding and deep respect for the Bible and our Lord is evident. His words have application for today:

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God Sends a BabyBLOG ENTRY

God Sends a Baby

God Sends a Baby

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God Is Not Dead

Tragedy struck both the nation and the Longfellow family in 1861. The opening salvos of the American Civil War were fired on April 12th. Fanny Longfellow was fatally burned in an accident in her home three months later on July 10th. After trimming her seven-year-old daughter’s hair, Fanny decided to preserve the clippings in sealing wax. Melting a bar of sealing wax with a candle, a few drops fell on her dress. The breeze gusted through the window igniting Fanny’s dress and immediately wrapped her in flames.

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